Thursday, May 08, 2014

My Very Own Horse Tale

"My Very Own Horse Tale" by Ellie, written for Grandmommy Jeanne for Mother's Day.

Once upon a time there was a family of horses who loved to play games!
(Horse #1:  Tag!)
(Horse #2:  I am it!)
(Horse #3:  I did not get tagged.)

The more fun games they did the more funner it got!
(Horse #1:  Tag!)
(Horse #2: Tag!)
(Horse #3:  I am it!)

It got so much fun they all laughed until there sides hurt!
(Horse #1: My sides hurt)
(Horse #2:  My sides hurt to)
(Hors #3:  My sides do not hurt)

When they got tired of playing games, they took a nap!
(All horses:  zzzzzzzz)

The horses dreamed that rabbits where bowncing on a hill!

Than some ants joined the bunnies!

When the horses woke up they said lets play a game!

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