Friday, May 09, 2014

The Easter Bunny Race!

"The Easter Bunny Race!" illustrated and ritten by Ellie (for Grammie on Mother's Day)

On a hill beside a stream a mother bunny was so exited because she was going to have her first baby bunny born!

finily her baby bunny got born.  She was so cute.  She was so tiny and her ears wear so small her nose twitched.  today was her Birthday.

then another baby bunny was born!  the mother bunny was now so exited!  She hopped around exidedly in a circle!  another baby bunny!

Then another baby bunny was born.  he was just like his brother and sister just he was tiny tiny! than his mother said you are so cute and tiny.

than the mother bunny said it is now time for the easter bunny race.  the little bunnies wear so exited the mother led them to the race.

they started raceing.  thay won! the mother bunny was so exited to see the trophy.

they took the trophy home and than took a nap!

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