Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Happy Bear and the Bunny Family

"The Happy Bear and the Bunny Family" by Addie, written for Grandmommy Jeanne for Mother's Day

Once upon a time there was a big big family of bunnies and rabbits.  You could call them bunnies or fools because they always got into trouble with the bears.

But the bears were the real fools because they tried to kill the pegasus.  The pegasus said "Hey you fool!  You can't kill us!" and they flew away.

The bears started crying because the pegasus did not let them eat them.  "You don't really know how good they are unless you are nice to them," said the bunny.

"How about a spot of tea with them?  And you have to be very nice to them," said the baby bunny.

The bear said, "I will be nice to all of you if you could just let me eat one of you.  Do you know a stranger of your kind that I can eat?"
"Yes," said the baby pegasus, "but then you have to be nice to us!"
"OK," said the bears.  


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