Friday, August 01, 2014

Addlie's True Love

ADDIE: Do you know what I'm really excited about? I'm excited about when my true love finally marries me. Oh, that's going to be a wonderful day!

MOMMY: Who is your true love?

ADDIE: Boy Hayden. Oh he's so cute.

MOMMY: Why is he your true love?

ADDIE: Because he is nice to me and because we make each other happy and he likes to play with me.

MOMMY: It's good to find friends who can make you smile.

ADDIE: And Boy Hayden makes me smile more than any other friend! After we get married we will have kids and I'll name them Bella, Izzy, Math-a-yew and Michael because those are my other friends who make me happy. I like those names because they make me think of my friends!

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