Friday, August 08, 2014

Time is relative

ELLIE:  What time is it?
DADDY:  8:03
CLOCK:  8:02
ELLIE:  No it's not.  It's 8:02.
DADDY:  No.  It's 8:03.
CLOCK:  8:02
ELLIE:  No.  It's 8:02.
DADDY:  Ellie, trust me, it's 8:03.
CLOCK:  8:02
ELLIE:  No!  The clock says 8:02.
DADDY:  No it doesn't.  It says 8:03.
CLOCK:  8:02
ELLIE:  Then why does it say 8:02?
DADDY:  If by 8:02 you really mean 8:03, then yes I agree.
CLOCK:  8:02
ELLIE:  No.  It's a 2.  It's 8:02!
DADDY:  Ellie, do you not know the difference between a 2 and a 3?  It's 8:03.
CLOCK:  8:03
ELLIE:  Now it's 8:03. 
DADDY:  See?  I told you!  Why didn't you believe me in the first place?

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