Friday, August 15, 2014


ADDIE: When you are 100 years old then VOILA! You're dead!

Adeline turn of phrase: "You know what really excites me out?"
Yellow tomatoes, of course.

I love that my girls think I smell so good. When I hug them, it's not uncommon for them to inhale a deep breath followed by a sigh as though it's filling their memory bucket for the future.

We have recently started watching So You Think You Can Dance together as a family. I get a kick out of the crushes Ellie has on some of the male dancers. Some of the comments I've heard from her:
- "Oh, look at him! I just LOVE his freckles. Oh my god. He is soooo cute!"
- "Oh no! He's my second favorite. I don't want him to be sent home! Just look at his eyes!!!"
- "Do we ever get to find out where these dancers live? I want to go and say hi to him because he is just too cute for me to believe!"

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