Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Meet Bob

I once had a rock. His name was Bob. Bob was special. Why? See here. I lost Bob after 4 years of carrying him in my pocket. He has been impossible to replace... until now.

Meet Bob. Well, technically Bob the 2nd. I've had him over a year now (he came from our trip to Washington State). Considering I have two girls who also love to hold Bob, I'm actually surprised he has lasted this long.

Sometimes I feel silly for liking a rock so much but he's special. I didn't know how special until Ellie and Addie explained it to the lady at the bakery the other day.

ELLIE: This is Bob!
ADDIE: He's Mommy's rock!
BAKER: A rock???
ELLIE: He's perfect because he is really smooth!
ADDIE: Mommy puts lotion on him to make him super shiny and smooth!
ELLIE: He is perfect because he has a curve that fits your thumb right here, and if you hold him in your hand like this he is the perfect shape.
ADDIE: Yeah! And he looks good in a bathtub!!!
ELLIE: He likes to go on adventures!
ADDIE: Yeah, he likes to explore because Mommy is always losing him but then we find him and say "Welcome home, Bob. How was your trip?"
ELLIE: We love Bob. There is no other rock like him.

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Jen H said...

He looks good in a bathtub. =)