Sunday, May 05, 2013

Ellie's Stories

These are some classics...

"I love mommy so much that I am going to give a card for her."

Polar bear is asking "Who are you?" and the caption says "Polar bears don't live in the Antartica."

"If I were in Australia, I would save a koala."

"Kangaroos have pink babies when they're born" with a special note from teacher saying "did excellent with some very tough words."

"If I went to Europe, I would go to the Eiffel Tower."  A girl after my own heart.

"I am going to watch fireworks today."

"This is for you Dad."

"This year I will be a better listener."

"I love my family."  The image has "let it rain let it rain let it rain."  I like the way she thinks.

"Giraffes have a strong kick."

"Yahoo!  I am going out of the school yard."

"Koalas are slow."  I agree with the teacher.  I love it.

"Humty dumty sat on a horse."

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