Monday, May 20, 2013

Nana & Grampa

Oh Grampa and Nana... can the girls love you any more than they do? I don't think so.

We've always said how pleasently surprised we've been with Grampa's relationship with the girls. He is a top-notch grandpa, and loves to spend time with his girls. Nana too. The girls get to see them a lot and I love that they are a constant in our lives. I can't imagine their childhood without their Grampa and Nana.

One thing that I love dearly about these two is that they're always coming up with educational and fun activities to do with the girls. Whether it be a trip to the zoo or counting butterflies for a preservation group, there is always something new to learn. Heck, even if they're stuck at home the time the girls spend with them is filled with learning activities. Grampa taught Ellie how to add and subtract numbers using his magic rocks. He taught Ellie how the values of different coins and how to add them up. Even Addie knows the names of the coins. Nana has a set of musical instruments in her home and the girls love to pull them out and have a good old fashioned jamming session.

How they can turn even a quiet afternoon play time into amazing educational fun time is beyond me. Don't they ever run out of ideas? Apparently not. The girls love how whenever they spend time with Nana and Grampa, it's always something different. We love it too.

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