Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Taking care of Daddy

Daddy recently had PRK corrective surgery done to his eyes.  For a few days he had to keep his eyes closed and practically lived in a dark cave as much as possible.  I LOVED watching how the girls responded to this.

Ellie took a practical stance to helping out.  She loved to help him cook.  She also took it upon herself to read him books, specifically Star Wars.  She offered to feed him, though he politely declined thinking that it had too much potential for disaster.  I'm sure he wanted food in his mouth instead of his lap.  She would offer to lead him around the house and retrieve items for him.

Addie was much more playful in her approach to help.  He would be laying on the couch and suddenly he would have a penguin stuffed in his hands.  "Is this a penguin?" He would ask.  Addie responded with "No, it's a stuffie!"  She would play with him.  She would get a kick out of him tickling her and then not knowing where she was if she got out of range of his reaching fingers.  She liked to sneak up on him and surprise him.  And she really got a kick out of telling him to look at something and then reminding herself "Oh yeah, you can't!"

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