Thursday, March 20, 2014

Technology Advancements in Dentistry

A few days ago Ellie & Addie were pulling on a blanket. Ellie's grip slipped (which means Addie won... Yay?) and she fell and hit her mouth on the table. Her front grown-up tooth was bleeding and chipped. Of course she freaked out. And of course she made the most of getting as much sympathy as possible from Addie.

Later that evening, I overheard Ellie explaining to Addie just how bad the situation really was.

Ellie: Addie, you don't understand how bad this might be! I have to go to the dentist and he might say that I have to get a new tooth! And if you get a new tooth, it isn't like the teeth you already have. This was my grown-up tooth so I can't grow another one and if I have to replace it, it will have to be a WOODEN tooth!

Addie: What's a wooden tooth?

Ellie: A tooth made out of wood!

Addie: Oh no!

Ellie: So you can see, this is very serious!

And just so that you aren't too worried, the dentist said that the tooth is fine. As teeth grow in, they actually have ridges across the top that eventually wear down to the flat teeth you have today. She basically chipped one of those ridges, which would have likely worn down with time anyway. Whew.

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