Monday, March 03, 2014


Quote of the day...
Ellie: Your butt feels like love.

I love how the girls like short haircuts and do not feel like they need long hair to look good. In fact, I think that they view short haircuts as making them look older than they really are. From a practical standpoint, it alleviates the need to cry over lots of tangles - something we all appreciate.

I love how Ellie gives a little squeal of delight whenever she likes something you do or if you do something she thinks is silly. No words. No laughter. Just a squeal.

Song of the day...
Addie: Kiss the season Katy Perry. Fa la la la la la. La la la la.

I love how the majority of Ellie's stuffed animals (and even some of her ceramic figurines) have some sort of makeshift leash tied around their necks. Some of the possible leash materials include: long pieces of yarn, long handmade (by Ellie herself) rubber band bracelets, old ribbons that once were tied to balloons, shoe laces, tie wraps, cable ties, necklaces, or any combination of the above. Most of the time you will see these animals tied to her bed, dresser or even a doorknob so that they can't run away.

I love that it's also not uncommon to find Addie attached to a leash, sometimes seemingly randomly, walking around as though nothing were out of the ordinary.

I love how when Addie sings "Let it Go" from the movie Frozen, she sings with a really deep deep voice. She even has the country twang down!

Ellie found the lyrics to the Frozen soundtrack and was singing along with the songs. Everything went fine until she came to the duet. Listening to her trying to sing both sides of the duet at the same time made me chuckle.

How do you camouflage a screaming child? Stick them in with a bunch of other bouncing, screaming children and it's amazing how quickly they disappear.

I love that when at a party full of screaming kids having fun, the girls still choose each other as the one they want to play with.

I love how even after all these years, there is nothing Ellie enjoys more than spending time with her best friend, Brynn.

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