Monday, December 28, 2015

A French Playground

With Daddy being sick, we're kind of stuck staying close to our little blue door home, but that didn't bother the girls at all. We found a playground and all was good again.

A parenting win - upon arriving at the playground, Ellie had a bit of a case of homesickness. She pulled me over for a serious, sad conversation. She said she misses her best friend, Brynn, and that she doesn't think she could meet any new friends at this playground. She was too sad to really play and have any fun. I gave her a hug and said I'm sorry she feels that way, and then asked her to do me a huge favor. "Can you just pretend to have fun? That way Addie will still have lots of fun too. She won't know you're not really having fun. It will be a secret that only you and I know." She agreed, and off she went "pretending" to have a blast.

But this wasn't just any old playground. Perhaps it's similar to the phenomenon that happens when a child visits their friends home. Without fail, the friend always has "better toys" and "more things to play" than what that child has at their own home. I think foreign playgrounds might work on the same principle. This French playground was SOOOOOO much more fun than those found at home!

Even the seesaw seems bouncier! These girls were bouncing all over the place and both of them were full of squeals of delight.

Add a big bowl swing, standing swings and a zip line... I'm telling you, the French know how to do playgrounds! I think the girls could stay here for hours on end if given the choice.

Back "home" I was pleasantly surprised with how Ellie and Addie didn't let the lack of toys get in their way of playing pretend. Take a scarf or two, and you have yourself a pirate ninja and a pirate wizard (their words, not mine). This is some serious play time. It's too bad I didn't manage to get a photograph of the pantie purses they used to carry their stuffies.

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