Saturday, December 26, 2015


For the next three nights, we are staying in a humble little place in Amboise, with a decent view. Yes, this is real. Yes, this was our view (taken at sunrise). Yes life is just THAT good.

And the view at dusk isn't too shabby either.

Neither is the view with the rise of the full moon.

He're an image of the place we're staying at (taken the next day from the château across the river). See the little place in the middle with the blue door? We were on the 2nd floor. The hostess says this is her happy place and she plans to take her last happy breath from this home. We told her we'd love to take care of the property once she's done with it, but there was a bit of a mix-up in translation and she told us we'd have to kill her first. Alas, when we finally handed back the keys at the end of our stay, she joked and said "so you won't be killing me after all?" All jokes aside, can you imagine a cuter more precious place to live? I'm struggling to think of one.

Once you peal your eyes off the view from our place, you'd realize that Amboise is actually quite a cute little town and is quite picturesque even without the stunning views.

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