Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bussi Island

Back in Paris... today was a bit of a flop. After driving back from the Loire Valley, we tried to go to the Musée d'Orsay and the Louvre, both attempts failed. To be certain of accomplishing something, we decided to walk along the Seine towards Bussi Island (yet another long walk with no complaints) to have ice cream, followed up with adopting Coconut. Wait... What? Let me explain...

I'm sure you're wondering just what Bussi Island is. Let me explain. Surely you know who Bussi Bear is. He is Addie's most beloved stuffie. Bussi was born in Paris during a trip we took when Mommy was pregnant with Addie. Addie recently found out that the toy store we bought Bussi from is located on Île Saint-Louis in Paris, just a couple blocks away from Notre Dame. She decided that "Saint Louis Island" was not an appropriate name for such a special place as Bussi's birthplace. And thus, Bussi Island was named.

Without a doubt, Addie was most excited to visit Bussi Island. We tried to warn her that there really wasn't much on the island, but this didn't dim her spirits.

Everywhere we went in Paris, she was obsessed whenever she saw "Buci" which she quickly discovered was pronounced the same as "Bussi." And when we finally reached Bussi Island, Addie insisted we take a photo of her to share with Bussi when we got home.

As luck would have it, we stumbled upon a store with a special bear in it. Addie knew in an instant that this bear was perfect for her. His name is Coconut. It was love at first sight, but being the first day of the trip, she told Coconut to pack his bags because we'll be back to adopt him later. When we returned a week later to buy the bear, Addie was the hit of the store. When the sales lady handed her Coconut, Addie said an enthusiastic "Merci!" and gave Coconut lots and lots of hugs. This led to lots of quick speaking French "oohs" and "awws" about the cuteness.

In the end, Addie loved Coconut so much that the only souvenir she wanted was a hat and scarf to match his. "It's all I will ever ask for, Mommy."

Now that we're home, Coconut has met Bussi and they're instant friends. Addie said she wasn't worried about them not getting along because they were friends when they were babies on Bussi Island.

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