Sunday, December 27, 2015

Château d'Amboise

Since we were staying just directly across from Château d'Amboise, it seemed appropriate to visit the castle itself. It was a nice sized castle (though just 1/5 of the original size), with a bit of a mix of ruins and restored grounds. Unlike many castles in the area, this one actually had some history and was used for defense purposes. It's also the burial place of Leonardo da Vinci, but I thought that it was the towers that set this castle apart from those we've seen before. The Minimes Tower and the Heurtault Tower consist of large ramps used to bring the king's carriages from the street level up to the castle grounds level.

As with the other sites, the girls were engrossed in listening to the audio guide. Some places, this one included, had a child-version of the audio guide which made it all the more fun and entertaining for the girls. Addie also finally found a gargoyle that she felt was worthy of imitating.

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