Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day on the Eiffel Tower

Can you think of anything more magical and special than spending Christmas morning on the Eiffel Tower? I didn't think so.

Of course the girls wanted to climb the steps of the tower. Really? Are you nuts? Do you know how big the tower is? And here we thought this trip wasn't going to have anything new for Mommy & Daddy to do. Up the steps we go! Up and up! All the way to the 2nd floor of the tower! And did the girls complain about their achy legs? Unless you consider Addie's concern about "my legs are shivering but they're not cold" a complaint, then no. Not a single moan - from the girls anyway. Mommy might have let one or two slip out.

Once we got to the very top, it goes without saying that we showed Addie & Ellie where Daddy proposed to Mommy nearly 12 years ago. They decided the moment called for a re-enactment, with Ellie playing the role of a nervous Daddy and Addie playing the role of a surprised Mommy.

But it gets better! Ice skating on the Eiffel Tower on Christmas morning? Oh yeah. Life is good.

Follow it up with a kiss or two and a cup of hot chocolate, and I don't think life can get any better.

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