Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big Sister Quote of the Day

Addie: (crying)
Mommy: Ellie! Did you just hit Addie with her bear?
Ellie: (shyly) Yeah.
Mommy: That was NOT very nice. You hurt her!
Ellie: Sorry Add-a-line.
Mommy: Do you think you could give her a hug too?
Ellie: (hugging Addie) Sorry.

A couple minutes later...

Mommy: Are you ok, Ellie? You seem sad.
Ellie: (starts bawling) I stought dat I never wanted to hit someone ever again.
Mommy: Oh.
Ellie: But den I hit Addie but I never stought I would hit someone again.

There was something about seeing how upset Ellie was after realizing she hurt her sister... it was heart-breaking.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This post brought to you by the letter H

Anyone who knows me knows that I wear a lot of hats. These days it's usually on Fridays and weekends but I've always been a strong proponent of the hat. They magically turn bad hair days into good ones. And so it should come as no surprise that...

... I love that both of my girls would rather wear one of Mommy's big red hats than the ones that actually fit them.

And just in case you didn't believe me, this is the hat I chose to wear (photo courtesy of Ellie).

Monday, March 28, 2011

I LOVE roads on a grid

Ellie: Look, Mommy! I drew a map! It will show us how to get to Nana's house tonight!
Mommy: Oh good, let's use it!
Ellie: OK!
Mommy: Look at your map... where are we now?
Ellie: Right here. See da blue line?
Mommy: Ok, and where is Nana's house?
Ellie: Right here. See da green line.
Mommy: Good. Does your map say to turn right or left here?
Ellie: Left.
Mommy: (turning left) Ok, at the next light does your map say to turn right or go straight?
Ellie: Ummm... Go straight.
Mommy: (goes straight) Does your map say to turn right after one or two stop lights?
Ellie: Ummm... Two.
Mommy: (counts out loud and turns right at second light)
Ellie: (starting to get nervous) Is this the right way?
Mommy: We're following your map, right? I'm sure we'll get there.
Ellie: (doubtful) Ok...
Mommy: Look at your map again. Does it say to turn left after four or five stop signs?
Ellie: Ummm... four!
Mommy: (counts out loud and turns left after 4th sign) Ok. Does your map say to turn right after one or two stop lights?
Ellie: One.
Mommy: (turns right at first stop light)
Ellie: Is dis da right way? Are we going da right way?
Mommy: We're following your map, right?
Ellie: (doubtful) Ok...
Mommy: See that light up there? Does your map say to turn left there?
Ellie: Yep!
Mommy: (turns left at light) Ok, I think we're getting close. Does your map say to turn right at 17th Street or turn right after a grocery store?
Ellie: Ummm... affa a grocery store.
Mommy: Ok... so lets look for a store. You let me know when you see one.
Ellie: Look dere's one! Right dere! Do you see it?
Mommy: Oh good! (turns right onto 17th Street) Now does your map say to turn right after the gas station?
Ellie: Yes! And look! There's a gas station! Turn right here!
Mommy: (turns right) Look! I think this is the street that Nana lives on. Tell me when you see her house.
Ellie: Dere it is! Dere it is! See, just like on da map. Do you see the green line?
Mommy: We did it!

Ellie: Nana! and Grampa! I have someping to tell you! See dis map? I drew it to show us how to get to your house and it worked! We found your house because we used my map! Look! It worked! We drove ALL DA WAY TO YOUR HOUSE!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

It was a sunny day... can you guess what these girls are doing?

Chasing butterflies, of course! Actually, Ellie was going up to the butterflies and saying "Dootie!" Don't ask me why. Alas, no butterflies were caught, nor did any respond with "Dootie" in return.

I loved watching the girls run from butterfly to butterfly, being mesmorized by the fluttering around them. And then, you remind them to look up higher and OH MY GOSH! There's so much more!!!

My two little bugs sitting on a flower... together... at the same time... both looking at the camera... Sigh. Life is good.

Perhaps this is a wordless wednesday, but I couldn't wait until then to share it with you. Silly silly.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Blanket

Daddy is actually gone a lot this month. He has had to go to California, Switzerland and Maryland. As such he has been gone for three of the four weeks in March. Blech.

Much to my surprise, I think I may manage to still put out a post every weekday... Wow! However, I have to admit that my stockpile is... well almost non-existent. As difficult as it is to not have Michael around, I do get a kick out of listening to some of Ellie's convesations with him.

Some favorites...

"I just got a new and really big blanket today, Daddy! It's so big and so fuzzy, enough to share wif you! I will share my blanket wif you when you get home. It's soo soft!"

"I was just calling to say I love you. I was missing you today! I will still share my blanket wif you when you get home."

"Do you remember? If you hug the little teddy bear and pretend to be me, you will be happy."

"Do you still have your teddy bear? Where is it? Are you hugging it now pretending to be me?"

"I was just calling to tell you I love you and I was missing you. Are you hugging your teddy bear? I was hugging Bun Bun pretending it was you when I was sleeping, but now I'm on my way to school."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boys 101

A week or two ago...

Mommy: Who do you want to invite to your birthday party?
Ellie: All da girls but none of da boys.
Mommy: Why not the boys?
Ellie: Well we can invite Michael and Charlie but not da odder boys.
Mommy: Why is that?
Ellie: Because the other boys chase me and I don't like it.
Mommy: Oh. I see. Did you know that when boys like a girl, they tease you? So chasing you is their way of saying they like you.
Ellie: Why?
Mommy: I have no idea. That's just the way boys are.

A week or so later...

Ellie: What's wrong Mommy?
Mommy: (with a smile on my face) Oh, Daddy is just teasing me and he won't stop.
Ellie: Dat's how he's your friend!
Mommy: Oh?
Ellie: Yeah, he can not stop teasing you because he likes you.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hugs and Kisses

I love how Addie puckers up for kisses. She puckers up from across the room and keeps her form all the way up to the kiss. Too funny!
She has also been very hugable lately. She absolutely loves to go up to people and give them hugs. And now it's not just for Mommy! Daddy gets lots of hugs, which always melts his heart. Ellie gets at least one daily hug from Addie. Teachers and friends get hugs. And strangers do too. I've even gotten a comment or two from other parents saying she gave them a hug too.

Perhaps you'll get one soon! They're the best!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Sister Quote of the Day LXIX

I don't get nearly as many photos of the two of them together as I'd like. Certainly the numbers don't reflect how much fun they have with each other. I love how they both simply adore the other.

And Ellie continues to be proud of her baby. The other day, at her first soccer practice, Ellie proudly announced to her coach, "This is my baby! Her name is Add-a-line!" I absolutely love that she still calls Addie "My baby" and still shows such obvious pride in that fact.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A glimpse of Ellie at school II

We have seven Bun Buns. Yes. Seven. Actually, about 6 months ago we lost one forever and were down to six. Last week when Daddy was out of town, I had a rough evening with the girls which ended with Ellie being upset that she did not have her Bun Bun. Though it's nice to see that Bun Bun still means so much to her, it was beyond frustrating that I could not find a single one. Not one.

It turns out all the Bun Buns were at school. Apparently Ellie gave them out to her friends, and each bunny was sleeping peacefully in a different cubby. All seven of them. Including the one I thought I lost forever.

That girl is too giving and willing to share for her own good. She's amazing.

This last weekend we went to a couple birthday parties. At one of them, I got a kick out of how a parent went out of her way to find me and tell me that if we're missing any toys or stuffed animals, they're probably in her daughter's cubby. Apparently her daughter tells her all the time, "Ellie gave it to me and said it's ok if I keep it forever." Yep. That's my Ellie.

God bless her.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hair for young children 101

The key is to not say something like "let's do your hair now." Instead, you make it sound like a cool game of pretend. "What animal do you want to be today?"

Here are some of the more popular choices of hairstyles:

Monkey Ears

Puppy Ears

Unicorn Horn

Unicorn Horn w/ Flowers

Drunken Unicorn



And look who has enough hair for full pigtails! I hadn't thought of that until she came home from school yesterday sporting the new look.

And, of course, Mommy's favorite hairstyle: the hat.
(no comment on the panties)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Be patient, Mommy

Mommy: Where do you want to go to dinner tonight?
Ellie: I want da fire place. (Panera Bread has a fireplace)
Mommy: How about Chick-Fil-A?
Ellie: No because I don't like chicken.
Mommy: Oh, that's too bad. It's my favorite place to eat and they have a fun playground.
Ellie: But Mommy, did you know I like peanut butter and jelly? And I don't need a playground. They have a fireplace!
Mommy: Well, maybe when you're four you will like chicken?
Ellie: I don't stink so. When I am ten I will like chicken.
Mommy: Ten?! That's a long ways away.
Ellie: Be patient, Mommy, and den I will be ten.

Friday, March 11, 2011


We have started to combine bedtime routines by allowing Ellie to join while we read Addie her books. I'm really enjoying it. REALLY. It just seems like an essential part of having a sibling, right?

I love how sometimes, even if she's in a quite calm mood, Addie will hide behind Bun Bun Bear and playfully peek her eyes out from behind the bear, just waiting for someone to notice that she's hiding.

I love playing hide-and-seek with my girls. Ellie is getting much better at hiding, though she still hasn't grasped the concept of not letting me know where she'll hide. Addie will sit on the stairs with me and count. She holds up random fingers as I count to 10. Then when I say "Ready or not, here we come!" she pops up, excited to go find her sister. Then she follows me around the house, looking for Ellie. "Is Ellie around this corner?" She goes around to look and looks up at me confused, moving on. When we finally find her, Addie stomps her feet and runs back to the stairs, excited for more.

I love that Addie shakes her index finger whenever I say "One more book."

Ellie's quote of the day: "Poop now or forever hold your pee!"

I love that when Addie scoots down the stairs she has to go ALL the way down until she's sitting with her butt on the hardwood floors. Then she stands up and continues on her way.

I love how proud Ellie is when she finishes a Maze Game on the back of children's menus at restaurants. She's pretty good at them and she knows it.

I love that Addie seems to think that "running" means you put your arms back behind you and "fly" around the room. Don't forget to lower your head for maximum speed.

I love how recently Ellie has decided she loves all colors. "Gween was my favorite color when I was a baby. But when I'm a big girl, like I am now, I like purple. When I am Mommy's size, I like red. I change colors all da time."

I LOVE reading Addie books. When she hands me a book to read, she opens it for me, though rarely to the first page. If a page has a picture of a baby (person or animal) she leans in for a kiss or a hug. Every time. If she is done with a book before I'm finished reading the words, she reaches up and closes it for me. Then she hands me the next book.

There is something just perfect about laying side by side reading Ellie stories (longer, chapter books now). Perfection, I'm telling you!

I love how Addie gives herself a mini-celebration whenever she does something that she knows is good or something to be proud of.

I love how in the mornings Ellie and I have started to get back into a similar routine as we had before Addie was born. I go in and rub her back a little. Then She gets up and sits on my lap for a couple minutes while snuggle. But we've added one fantastic step... she announces that she wants to wake up her baby sister all by herself. I love the silliness I hear after Ellie goes into Addie's room.

I love how often I get feedback about Addie. "She has to be the most gentile, sweet, easy-going little girl EVER" or "She is always so easy and cheerful and so eager to play games" or "I can't believe how easy it is to put her to sleep!!! She knows the routine and practically does it for you!"

I love Ellie's sense of humor. Her latest jokes seem to be focused on pretending that yucky things actually taste yummy. "Mmm... yum skunk! Mmmm... yum dirt! Mmmm... yum bus!" She'll laugh and laugh at how silly she knows she's being.

I love how often I'm told by other adults how sweet Addie is and how she always gives them whatever is in her hand when they come to pick up their children.

I'm so excited that Addie is getting so close to talking. She says "Ga" for cat and "Da" for dog. Occasionally she'll say "Ba Ba" for bye-bye and "Mo mo" for more. But the most consistent word she says is "Zdis" for "this." She points to a book and says "Zdis" to say "read this one" or she'll point to a pillow to point out "look at this."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Last week Ellie's class celebrated Wacky Wednesday. Mommy managed to come up with a handful of wacky ways to wear panties. Each made Ellie giggle in anticipation for the big day. In the end, she wore panties on the outside of her pants, on each leg, as a jacket and as a hat. If I count correctly, that's 6 pairs of panties total.

Combine that with wacky glasses, mismatched socks and shoes and you have yourself a pretty funny looking little girl who always seems to put a smile on my face. Listening to wacky music (Paul Simon's Graceland) on the way to school helped too.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My Flower Girl II

You may or may not recall my flower girl from last September. I wanted to write a post with additional pictures, but I am just now getting around to it. That's not to say they're any less fabulous than if I had posted them in September, though!

Look at how pretty Princess Miss Lissa (aka Miss or Melissa) is! I've always thought that she just radiates with beauty, both inside and out. And Ellie was so honored to be in her wedding. She took her job very seriously and did a fantastic job.

The colors of the wedding were just stunning, don't you think? And you can't help but get a kick out of the fake smiles that both flower girls have. Too cute! Thank you, Princess Miss for letting both of us be part of your special day and feel so pretty ourselves. We love you!

My little big girl... I hope she knows just how beautiful she really is.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Princess Jen

Ellie said something a few days ago that made me realize I haven't posted more pictures of our weddings last fall like I've been meaning to do. Well I guess I'll do that now. I love an excuse to look back at my little princess and smile at her view on marriage. It makes my heart sing.

A few days ago Ellie put on her white princess dress and asked which princess wears white. I told her that all princesses wear white when they get married, so she could be ANY princess she wanted to be. She thought for a moment and said "I'm Princess Jen. Do you remember her? She was your friend and she wore a white dress with blue shoes? That's who I am today. I'm not Lori-lelle, I'm Princess Jen." And then she started spinning. So... apparently the fact that Princess Jen left a big impact on little Ellie, though it might have had something to do with the crown she gave her. Thanks, Princess Jen!

I just love how much little girls like to spin. It makes me wonder what boys do? If a girl pretends to be a princess and knows that a princess is supposed to dance and that dancing is really just another word for spinning... what's the equivalent for boys? I don't think Superman does much spinning.

Oh, and do you remember Ellie's toast? I've wanted a copy of these photos for SOOO LONG. The moment I saw these photos on Princess Jen's photographer's website, my eyes teared up. There was something about how innocent my little girl looked while giving her toast... combined with the expression on the princess' face from her reaction... I don't think I can put my finger on why. All I know is that seeing the photos got to me.

And of course I **HAD** to include a photo of me and my girls. Only this time I'm not referring to the little girls. Miss and Jen, you are both so beautiful inside and out. I'm so fortunate to be able to call you my friends. Love ya!

And quoting Ellie's toast...
"You're a very pretty princess and I hope you live happily ever after."
It goes for you both.

Friday, March 04, 2011

10th Annual Kissing Day!

I interrupt our regularly scheduleded program with a post for my love. Today we celebrate our 10th Kissing Day! What is Kissing Day? I'm glad you asked!

March 4th, 2002 was our first Kissing Day. It was two weeks after the infamous email Michael sent to me. It was the day we shared our first kiss, while sitting on the chair lift at Brekenridge.

And today, nine years later we are still very happy. Happy just doesn't quite do justice to how lucky I feel but it's still a good word, none the less.

Happy 10th Kissing Day, my love! You have brought so much beauty and happiness to my life. Everything from treasure hunting, to my beautiful daugthers, to simple words of encouragement to do whatever it is that makes me a happy Niffer... I don't know how you do it, but you manage to do it all. You're a true Niffer Boy and I think you're amazing.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Old limp balloons

It's a common misconception that old whithered balloons have lost their appeal and should just be thrown away, forgotten. Not at the Niffer household. It seems like we always have old balloons within close reach.

Addie absolutely LOVES old balloons and will insist on dragging them behind her for hours at a time. It's not uncommon for her to want to bring her old balloon with her to a store, choosing it over a stuffed animal friend.

Ellie, on the other hand, I'm pretty sure she only likes the balloons because Addie does. However, even she has taken it one step further and pretends that the balloons are pet dogs. We even went for a walk with our pet dogs (Oh how I wish I had a photo of that). There we were... Addie, Ellie and I... walking around the block of our neighborhood. Each of us had a balloon "doggie" dragging behind us.

Ellie would occasionally stop to lecture her doggie, who was having a hard time understanding the concept of "Heal doggie, Heal!" But Ellie did seem please with the balloons ability to sit.

Addie, too, was walking right along with us. She'd stop occasionally to look back to make sure her doggie was still on the end of the leash and then she'd let out a little squeel and continue on.

Me... well I was just happy with whatever my doggie did. At least he didn't pull on the leash too much. However, I did have to give him to Addie when she let go of her doggie's leash and he decided to run away in the wind. Sigh. A good dog is a rare thing I tell you.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Big Sister Quote of the Day

Ellie: Where are you going?
Mommy: I'm going to take Addie upstairs.
Ellie: Why?
Mommy: So that I can keep her away from you so she doesn't steal your markers. That way you can finish your picture.
Ellie: But I like it when she's wif me. Can you please let her stay?